Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A normal God... I don't think so

For the past few weeks I've been reading the book of Joshua and thoroughly enjoying it. Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading about The Fall of Jericho (see Joshua 6). Great story... and brilliant for visualizing.  I probably spent a good half hour picturing it all in my head, then spent the next half hour marvelling at how amazing God is. Who would have thought up a whole nation marching around a walled city with no talking (definitely another miracle!)!? And for six days. Imagine the terror in Jericho! How do you counterattack, then again why would you want to? There's too many of them. And what on earth are they doing?

How does this many people march around the city walls seven times on the seventh day(must have taken ages, but it also makes me wonder at the size of cities back then..). Again, they remained silent until the end when the trumpets are blown? Then (finally!) you're allowed to open your mouth and shout. And after all your effort the walls fall down, but not just any way. They fall flat. What's normal about that? It's like expecting the stone walls at the front of our section to just keel over! Strange.

I admit it, God's ways and thoughts are nothing like ours! He doesn't make sense to our mind, he far exceeds our imaginings. He's not typical, normal, standard or any other word you could throw in there for normal. It's just another reason why God's pretty awesome. It makes my striving look crazy... why not rest? Why not trust?

It does make me smile though. If you're anything like me and NOT always logical, you're in good company.

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PaisleyJade said...

So good Dee. I am always amazed at how we just cannot put God in a box. I often think about the disciples and how they would have had it all worked out in their heads how they would rule and reign with Jesus and then He goes and dies! Little did they know how amazing God's plan was. It's rather exciting that we serve such a amazing and rather sneaky God!! ;)